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cas physically hurting dean is a perfect metaphor for two people in love and how sometimes one person does something they don’t mean to/want to do, for whatever reason, and it can be incredibly painful for the other to see/experience, but if they truly love them then they’ll still reach out to them and try to comfort them because in the end, the pain they feel is caused by seeing their beloved in pain, not themselves, and only by seeing the others’ pain relieved will they themselves find any relief

and of course, in the end, love also means being able to overcome whatever causes you to do these hurtful things in order to heal the one you love just as completely as you break them, and you’re always reaching out to each other, with clenched fists and gentle hands and just always reaching, for contact and for reassurance and for that nameless endless need for the other that never goes away no matter who or what tries to tear you apart

That Scene is seared forever into my brain because it is the perfect representation of destiel imo; forever breaking each other and forever putting each other back together, and through it all, reaching out to grasp the other with no intention of ever letting go (and then being forced to let go anyway don’t look at me don’t even speak to me not till 8x21 at lEAST because I am not okay nope not even a little bit not even at all)

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